Virtual office

What is a virtual office service?

Within the framework of our virtual office service, we provide a virtual office for the companies we founded. The registered office of the company is a precondition for registration at all locations. Our service includes the fulfillment of all obligations related to the registered office. In many countries this activity is regulated by the law, so our offices in these locations have the appropriate licenses.

Advantages of a virtual office

Local business tax exemption

The location of our Hungarian virtual offices is Csomád, Pest county. Csomád was one of the first to take advantage of the opportunity to reduce the local business tax from the standard 2% to 0%. Csomád is only 20 minutes away by car from Budapest, so it is very convenient for Budapest residents.

Outsourcing of office tasks

In most jurisdictions for company registration, it is generally unnecessary for the company to pursue its operations at its officially registered address. However, for the purpose of actual economic presence, our customers can use our office services in numerous locations. The company will have its own tangible assets and employees under office services. The company’s records and electronic documents can be stored here and its own telephone and fax number can ensure availability at all times. In addition, we can assist your work by providing administrative and secretarial assistance. The messages arriving at the telephone or fax number are forwarded electronically.

We can also receive regular mail, which we can scan and forward electronically, and we can provide a password-protected storage space for storing electronic data as well as secure archives for storing company and business documents.

Who needs a virtual office?

We recommend our office service to those:

  • Who don’t want to rent an expensive downtown office for their start-up business.
  • Want to get the corporate administration in order, but don’t want to waste a lot of time and energy doing it.
  • Want to optimize their tax payment by legally removing business tax.
  • Want to eliminate the unnecessary rent expenses. This is possible for those whose business is not localised.

Frequently Asked Questions about our virtual office service

What is the price of the virtual office service?

The price of our virtual office service varies according to individual needs. Please contact us HERE for a specific quote.

Is it legal not to pay local business tax?

The opportunity to use our service is completely legal, as in Csomád one does not have to pay business tax according to the decision of the local government. An important consideration here is that it is not possible to legally reduce the business tax if a business does indeed have an activity in another municipality.

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