Accounting and auditing services

If the jurisdiction where the company is registered requires the submission of a financial report and a tax return, and if an audit is also mandatory, our local offices and partners can perform all the accounting activities for the companies registered by us.

It is essential for compliance with accounting standards that accounting and auditing work should be done by experienced professionals. Thanks to our local offices we can ensure that your company will be able to fulfil these obligations in compliance with the accounting and taxation rules of the given country at a high professional level.

Accounting services include meeting all the obligations for bookkeeping and financial reporting,  complying with regulations, compiling and analysing reports, drawing conclusions that substantiate economic decisions, and creating reliable and accurate internal and external information. As part of the auditing services, our company pays special attention to budgetary relations, i.e. tax liabilities and ensures compliance with the accounting standards of the given country. The purpose of auditing is to assess the true and fair view of the report and review its various sections and items.

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