Opening offshore bank accounts

What is an offshore bank account?

Nowadays, opening an offshore bank account is no longer a privilege of very wealthy people.

There are people who want to keep their assets safe as a result of geographical diversification. Others want to keep it safe from competition or even the watchful eyes of their business partners, but an offshore bank account can also be a good alternative to avoid financial disputes between spouses.

Whether you are an investment service provider, a commercial bank, or opening an offshore bank account, we offer our clients a full range of financial institutions. Companies registered for favorable locations generally have access to financial services anywhere in the world, so there is no obligation to open a bank account in the country where the company is incorporated.

The amount required to open an offshore bank account is different for each offshore bank, and every account holder will find the right one for their assets. You should also know that an “offshore bank account” is in fact simply a bank account kept abroad.

To complicate things a bit, there are explicitly “offshore banks” too. Not only are they located abroad, but they usually offer very discreet services in full compliance with local laws. Many people believe that the only purpose of opening an offshore bank account is tax avoidance, but the offshore banking market meets many other international business needs. Security is always the most important issue in the world of offshore bank accounts.

We provide assistance for our customers in opening bank accounts at financial institutions located in four continents. Thanks to our partnership with international financial institutions, independent trustees and offshore banks, our customers usually do not need to travel abroad to open a bank account as the documents can be signed and certified in our office too.


Offshore bank account opening

The opening of an offshore bank account is preceded by a free consultation in which we assess the business ideas. Next, we compare the services offered by the banks with the needs of our clients and develop customised banking solutions to ensure that our customers can securely devise long-term plans for their business.

When selecting the offshore bank and creating the partnership, the primary criterion for us is to ensure that the bank should be registered in a country which qualifies as secure both in a political and an economic sense. It is similarly important that the bank account should be opened at a bank which is properly integrated into the international financial system as it is an essential precondition for effective daily operation.

Another important factor is that confidentiality is paramount. Many countries around the world apply strict regulations for the protection of banking information and the leaking of such information entails severe criminal consequences. The quality of services provided by the banks is another essential factor.

We pay special attention to checking whether the recommended bank can provide Internet banking services, which should meet the needs of the business in every respect, a wide range of bank card options and a customer service which can provide effective assistance for clients at any time.

The key to fast and secure international money management is definitely online banking. With the help of the Internet, you can manage any financial process, transfer, investment, or close and open various accounts in no time!

Our colleagues are always here to provide expert advice on opening the most efficient offshore bank account!

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