Management and shareholder services

As part of our management services, we provide our clients with a professional manager (or director)
to act as the leader and representative of the company which we have registered for them. When representing the company, the professional manager may sign contracts, make statements and transfer these rights to another person by means of a power of attorney. The professional manager also makes sure that the tasks related to the operation of the company are performed as required and that the company complies with all the requirements that are stipulated by the laws of the country where the company is registered. It is also important to note that if this service is used, the name of the professional manager is listed in the company registration (if it qualifies as public data in the given country) as the company’s representative.

The management service is most often used for convenience and discretion but it is also important from the point of view of tax residence whether the manager of the company is a local resident and in which country she or he performs his or her duties. Tax residence is a special legal term related to the domicile of the business for tax purposes. The laws of many countries in the world provide that a foreign company is not tax resident in the country where it is registered if its manager performs his/her duties in another country. If the professional manager performs his/her activities in the country where the company is registered (e.g. signs contracts), this circumstance ensures that the business has tax residence in this particular state.

We can provide a shareholder for the company under shareholder services who exercises ownership rights on behalf of the client. This special ownership status is regulated by law in several countries and is often referred to internationally as ‘trust’. The shareholder issues a statement on this legal relationship in which states that he will perform his duties in accordance with the guidance and in the interest of the client. This statement further stipulates that any financial gains are due to the client. Since in many jurisdictions the ownership data of the companies are public, we recommend our shareholder services to those for whom the confidential treatment of informationregarding the ownership structure of their company is important.

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