Private expatriates

We provide assistance, both within and outside the European Union, for private persons settling in locations where favourable taxation, company registration and employment conditions have been established.

We help our clients settle in the given country, register for tax purposes, open a bank account and establish their lives in the foreign environment.

Many countries in the world provide special tax allowances for foreign citizens if they do not wish to settle permanently in the given country. The essence of the regulation is that if a private person settles in a country like this and become a tax resident but does not wish to stay permanently in the country, his foreign income will qualify as being tax-free. The foreign income must be listed in the tax return as tax-free, which will then be regarded as taxed income.

The precondition for exemption from tax is that the foreign income must not come into the country where the private person has settled. An additional requirement for this method is that the destination country and the original country of the private person must have an agreement on double taxation.

If the income is generated in domestic territory, or the foreign income comes into the country, the tax liability of the private person settled in the given country is subject to general tax rules.

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