International relocation services and foreign citizenship

In the European Union and beyond, we assist individuals in establishing themselves in locations that are favorable for tax, corporate and business start-ups developed.

Services provided during a residency procedure

There are a lot of things to pay attention to during a relocation to a foreign country.
The most important things we can help you with:

  • Settlement declaration
  • Tax declaration
  • Opening a bank account 
  • In addition, setting up other necessary conditions for living abroad

International relocation – home country obligations

Foreign establishment has various criteria not only in the host country but also in the domestic country. 

Foreign establishment has to be reported to the government office, but in addition there are a number of official tasks that we have considerable experience in administering. 

It is also worth considering which domestic contracts are worth maintaining and which are worth cancelingor example: home bank account, internet subscription).

Advantages of international relocation 

Many countries in the world grant special tax advantages to foreign people when they do not intend to establish themselves permanently in that country. The rule is that if an individual settles in such a state and becomes a tax resident but does not wish to remain permanently in that country, then his / her income from abroad will be tax exempt. Income from abroad must be reported as tax-free in the local tax return and thus qualify as taxable income.

Exemption is subject to the condition that income from abroad must not flow to the country of establishment. An additional condition for the application of the method is the double taxation convention between the country of establishment and the country of origin of the individual.

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