Offshore company formation

How does an offshore company formation works?

We can register your business in the most renowned trading and investment centres. Our offices and partners have outstanding experience in company registration and their expertise is a guarantee for the fast and accurate service provided to our clients. The high-level knowledge of local conditions can ensure that the structure, organisation and documents of the companies comply with the requirements and expectations set forth by authorities and banks.

Advantages of offshore company formation

There are many benefits to starting a foreign company. The most important of these are:

  • Favorable tax environment
  • Favorable legal and accounting environment
  • Unique trading and investment opportunities
  • Possibility of anonymous ownership (anonymity)

Difference between offshore and onshore companies

When it comes to starting a company abroad, it is usually worth dividing this category into onshore and offshore companies. Let’s see what these two categories cover.

Foreign onshore company formation

These are mainly European countries with favorable tax rates (e.g. Cyprus, Malta, Hungary). These countries have the advantage that they offer much more favorable tax rates than other European countries. These countries have stricter legal and accounting rules than offshore areas: there are generally requirements for keeping accounts and filing tax returns.

Foreign offshore company formation

Almost everyone has heard of offshore companies today, but few people know exactly what they do, how they work, and why it is worthwhile to start one. The most common locations for an offshore company that we support are British Virgin Islands, Marshall Islands and Seychelles. Typical to these areas is that the process of setting up a company is relatively simple and requires few statements from companies. The tax burden is very low, and in some cases may even be a fixed amount, payable once a year.

Our locations for offshore and onshore company formation

Our company provides company formation services at many locations, including the onshore and offshore locations mentioned above. All of these have different benefits and. This means the perfect offshore company formation depends on the type of company you would like to start. You can read more about these countries on the following pages:

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Singapore company formation

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