Management of intellectual rights

Intellectual property is a cover term for copyrights and industrial property rights. The owner is entitled to a royalty for the utilisation of intellectual work. This includes, among other things, any compensation paid for the use or the right of use for literary, artistic and scientific works, the copyright of films, patents, software, trademarks, industrial samples and designs, and secret formulae.

Many countries compete with one another to provide the most favourable tax rules possible to support this area in R&D and innovation. These states attach great importance to supporting innovation and research and development by means of tax allowances, which can result in an increasein the concentration of knowledge in the long run in the given economy, making its economy more competitive. A business can choose to manage its sales through a company registered in a country where this is explicitly supported by the tax system. There is no legal obstacle to it, provided that the only goal is achieving fiscal benefits. Therefore, a company manager who takes these opportunities into account can enjoy significant tax allowances for the management of patents, trademarks and other similar proprietary rights. Utilising the opportunities provided by laws in this way, he/she can minimise the tax liability and make use of this advantage for future investments.

We can provide assistance for many companies and private persons in the international management of intellectual property as we work together with several renowned businesses who are international experts in utilising intellectual property in an efficient way and in optimising royalty payments.

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