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Business consulting, tax planning and asset protection

Crystal Worldwide Group is an international business consulting firm which is specialized in tax planning, asset protection and second citizenship. During our more than twenty-five years in operation, we have managed to earn the respect and trust of our clients by offering professionally sound and lawful solutions for tax savings and asset protection, together with fast and timely services provided at the highest level of discretion.

Offshore consulting, corporate structuring

In the course of corporate structuring, there are a lot of questions related to offshore companies, so we also do offshore consulting specifically.

The regulation of offshore companies has changed tremendously in recent years on global level therefore we pay a huge attention to monitor the relevant international trends. One of the key areas of our services is international, overseas taxation, where we strive to take every opportunity to keep our clients’ tax costs to a minimum.


It is of utmost importance for the security of our clients to ensure that the solutions applied in tax planning are in line and comply with both international and domestic…

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We believe that knowledge and expertise are indispensable for success. In order to provide our clients with the well-founded information which is needed to make the right decisions, our experienced…

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Crystal Worldwide Group operates offices in Liechtenstein, Malta, Cyprus, Hungary, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the Seychelles and Anguilla..Our extensive network of branch offices and our close and long-standing relationship…

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