Investing in Real Estate to Obtain Second Citizenship

Many people are considering obtaining a second citizenship (or dual citizenship) in 2024. Being a citizen of two countries gives people the freedom to live, work, and own property in both. 

There are different ways to obtain a second citizenship, with CBI (citizenship by investment) programs becoming increasingly popular. 

One CBI option is real estate, which offers a tangible investment in another country and permanent citizenship.

Real Estate Comes With Several Advantages

Several countries use the CBI method, a legal mechanism, to boost economic growth by encouraging investment.

For investors, it means gaining a physical asset that appreciates over time. Some CBI programs allow investors to generate a rental income whether they purchase a residential or commercial property. This allowance offsets holding costs and helps build an ROI (return on investment). 

Moreover, buying real estate in another country helps investors diversify their portfolios and mitigate the inherent risks of their local market.

Popular Countries for CBI Real Estate Programs

Various sought-after destinations offer CBI real estate options in 2024. Caribbean countries like Grenada, St. Lucia, Dominica, and Antigua and Barbuda offer citizenship through property investment ranging from $200,000 to $250,000. 

These programs require the investor to hold the property for three to five years before returning or reselling. 

Europe also offers several residency programs. Portugal’s Golden Visa program allows investors to buy real estate worth $430,000 or more. With this option, investors may enjoy permanent citizenship after five years. 

Greece is also on board with a $430,000 investment threshold for its golden visa. Lower minimum investment amounts link to specific property types in designated areas in each country. 

Montenegro and Türkiye (among others) also have their own version of a CBI program with real estate investment options. 

What to Consider Before Investing

CBI programs for second citizenship offer exciting possibilities, but careful consideration is still crucial. 

Investors must consider their budget and long-term investment goals in the country they want second citizenship in. This is mainly because the minimum investment amount varies significantly between continents and destinations. 

Some programs may require an investor (and eventual citizen) to spend a set amount of time in the country each year. Otherwise, they may not maintain their residency or qualify for citizenship.

Depending on the country, the type and location of real estate that qualifies for a CBI program may be restricted. Additional costs like legal fees and property maintenance may also need to be considered. 

Second Citizenship Real Estate Options Bring Greater Mobility

Second citizenship real estate investments offer incredible mobility. For instance, Dominica offers global mobility with 140+ visa-free destinations for a $100,000+ investment (donation). Plus, Dominican tax residents do not pay taxes on royalties, capital gains, or interest. 

Türkiye offers visa-free entry to business hubs like Japan and Singapore and the opportunity to get a U.S. E-2 business visa for an investment of $400,000+. 

These global investment options combine mobility with lucrative income options. This means that CBI leads the way to a second passport and a better future for many.


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