The United Opposition Pledges to Fight Corruption and Implement a Fairer Tax System If They Win the Election

There has been a pledge by the United Opposition representatives to create a fairer personal income tax system in hopes of improving systematic corruption. This promise hinges on whether they win the election or not. In addition, they have discussed introducing a minimum wage for Europe. They have stated they want to implement this in hopes of leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs.

Building on Previous Points

Momentum’s Marton Ilyes referenced previous talks. These include those about easing taxes for those who earn less, and they also include the statement that there wouldn’t be a hike on personal income taxes. It was also added that the tax on minimum wage is high in Hungary when compared to other member states. In addition, the party plans to narrow the gap between advanced regions and underdeveloped areas.

Some Say It Is Not Enough

Democratic Coalition’s deputy Leader Laszlo Varju was quoted as saying this is a band-aid on the problem. He argues that real changes wouldn’t happen until a minimum wage respected by all governments is enacted upon.

Others have stated that the Hungarian government policy of keeping wages low to be competitive needs to be addressed. They also argue that wages need to be closer to an acceptable average. This means firefighters, police officers, and healthcare employees all need to be paid better if they hope to retain the workforce.

Others Highlight the Need for Transparency

Bence Tordai stated the Hungarian economy needs to get rid of the corruption and that transparent and fair public procurement is needed. He insists this will make the price of goods and services cheaper and therefore easier to attain.

Tordai, deputy group leader of Parbeszed, has gone on to pledge to review completed projects and to toss the laws on strategic government investment projects.

Opponents wish Hungary would set up a national anti-corruption agency as well as join the European Public Prosecutor.

Tordai also proposes a review of the assets politicians have through a new system of declarations. He says that this will shed light on how these leaders have grown their wealth.

Opposition to a Minimum Wage Increase

Throughout this, others have discussed scrapping the minimum wage discussion, as there are “many disadvantages” seen with it. It is worth noting that the implementation of a minimum wage would help keep employees away from the low wages paid by multinationals.



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