A New Metrans Container Terminal Will Be Built in Zalaegerszeg, Attracting Investments to Southwest Hungary

Zalaegerszeg, Hungary will invest nearly $47.1 million in building a fresh hub terminal. This will allow the network expansion for the intermodal transport company, Metrans. Metrans is an intermodal subsidiary of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG or HHLA.

The Beginnings of the Project

The project began on September 9, 2021, when the foundation was laid. The initial funding comes from the support of Hungarian institutions as well as the Hungarian government. This combined support totals about $13 million.

The Metrans Group has already announced its own investments totaling 40 million euros to build and equip the terminal. That fund includes the previously mentioned funding.

The construction stage has started, and the expectation is for the first trains to be operational in early 2023.

What It Means for Hungary

Peter Kiss, the Executive Board of the Metrans Group Chairman, announced this investment. At the time, he also highlighted the importance of the project. He says that the company making such a sizable financial investment in the terminal shows just how strongly they believe in the importance of Hungary to the company’s development.

According to Kiss, Metrans wants to “grow in Hungary and with the Hungarian people.” He says that with this new hub, Hungary will have an additional push on its way to being among Europe’s most efficient logistical hubs.

In addition to improving Hungary’s positioning as a global hub, the project should create around 120 new jobs in Zalaegerszeg.

For reference, Metrans had previously opened a hub terminal in Budapest in 2017. That terminal has seen steady growth in the volume of transported containers.

The Terminal Fills a Growing Demand

There is a growing demand at ports Rijeka, Koper, Pireus, and Trieste. These ports need more distribution containers and see an increased demand for transloading. Zalaegerszeg can meet this demand, according to Metrans.

The Terminal May Become an International Hub

Angela Titzrath, the HHLA’s Executive Board’s Chairwoman believes Zalaegerszeg has great potential. This is due to its strategic position for the transport services expansion to the Southern and Adriatic regions as well as South-Eastern Europe. She also believes this new terminal hub in Hungary will strengthen the logistical position at the heart of Europe.

This hub will mainly serve southeastern and southern Europe. However, it will provide train connections for the rest of Europe as well, including the Adriatic corridor. This is expected to cause further upward trends in the number of containers moved by rail over the recent years.

This will be more than a Metrans hub terminal for Zalaegerszea. It will be central to rail freight in Europe, Peter Kiss pointed out.




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