Wing Announces HOP Passage, a New Office Development on Hungary Boulevard

One of Hungary’s largest real estate companies, Wing, announced a new, larger complex soon to be built.

Where HOP Passage Will Be

Located at a former Siemens site, the new building will be called Hungaria Office Park, or HOP. It will be next to a building erected late in 2020, Gizella LOFT.

What to Expect From the Building

The new HOP Passage is set to be five stories of offices and 13,600 sqm of space for lease. It will also feature 376 parking spots in the underground, three-level parking garage. The garage is built to the BREEAM Excellence criteria as well as the Access4you certification systems.

The design of the new building will offer spaces that are open, light-filled, and simple to furnish. The buildings will also offer flexible leasing as well as a large selection of services, the company says. The new building will have two receptionists on the ground floor. The floor plan will allow for an exclusive entrance for companies that would like to utilize this service.

The project is scheduled to start construction early in 2022, and the leadership hopes to have the development completed by the close of 2023.

About the Location

The office park is near a major junction and road to Hungary’s capital. The location is also near the Zuglo railway station as well as the city center.

Because of the proximity to Hungaria Korut as well as Thokoly Ut, the location is considered a very important, high-traffic area. It is part of the Zuglo district, which is highly appealing because it has a very people-oriented atmosphere.

Wing purchased this property from Siemens in 2018 and started preparing and developing plans. Currently, the Gizella LOFT is the tallest building on the location. This building was completed and renovated on schedule.

The Future of the Location

HOP Passage will be built during the next step in the Hungaria Office Park plans. This step will include adding another three buildings to the park and refurbishing and reinventing the existing buildings. This will all take place during phase four. Currently, there is a total of nearly 40,000 sqm of leasable buildings on the lot. Once the rest of the construction and renovations are complete, the lot will have nearly 65,000 sqm of space for leasing as well as 1,000 spaces for parking.

The Hungarian Office Park is part of Wing’s long-term development strategy, which centers around an urban environment that is more livable. In the coming years, the property is planned to host a complex that is as eco-friendly as it is awe-inspiring.



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