Jupiter Island, Florida, Is a Tax Haven Attracting High-Profile Golf Pros

When most people picture tax havens, the United States is far from the first place that comes to mind, but that mental image is not necessarily accurate. One of the spots in the United States sometimes considered a tax haven is Jupiter Island, Florida, where high-profile golf professionals tend to own property.

The Tax Haven Element

The tax haven element of Jupiter Island comes from the fact that Florida residents do not have to pay personal income tax. This makes it incredibly appealing to high-net-worth individuals, such as professional golfers.

The Private Mansions

The other aspect of Jupiter Island that attracts professional golfers and other high-net-worth individuals is the ability to build mansions that have abundant privacy and luxury. Many of the mansions are more like fortresses, and the city only has about 900 residents.

The Big Names and Their Properties

The list of high-profile golfers with properties in the tax haven of Jupiter Island includes plenty of names that you will recognize, all of whom live in the height of luxury.

Rickie Fowler

Valued at $14 million, Rickie Fowler’s mansion in Jupiter Hills sits on the water and covers more than 11,500 square feet. There are nine bathrooms and six bedrooms, plus a mudroom, sports bar, swimming pool, and games room. The property also features a golf hole that has a range of tees for practicing.

Brooks Koepka

Brooks Koepka has a Jupiter Island property along the outskirts of the town with five and a half bathrooms and four bedrooms.

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy’s mansion in Jupiter Island is worth about $11 million, and it covers 12,800 square feet. It used to belong to Ernie Els and is part of the Bear’s Club. This is an exclusive golf development Jack Nicklaus founded in 1999. The property includes 10 bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a games room, a recording studio, a tennis court, a gym, a home cinema, and a pool.

Greg Norman

Greg Norman has recently listed his Jupiter Island mansion for sale for $40 million, and it remains to be seen whether he plans to stay in the state’s tax haven. He had previously tried to sell it in 2016 without luck. At that point, he bulldozed it and started over. Previously, the property covered 26,000 square feet and featured seven buildings, one of which was a two-bedroom guesthouse along the ocean. It also had a 50-foot swimming pool and a deep-water dock measuring 165 feet deep.

Gary Player

Gary Player’s Jupiter Island mansion was worth $6.6 million a few years ago, and it features six bathrooms and eight bedrooms with stylistic influences from Bermuda. It also has a Cabana House and a three-car garage, and it covers more than 8,200 square feet.

Nick Price

Nick Price has a Jupiter Island home on seven acres of land spanning more than 14,600 square feet. It sits along the ocean, features an indoor/outdoor design, and has an expansive lawn. As of 2016, he was trying to sell it for $22 million, and it is unclear whether he has since left Jupiter Island or even if he sold the house.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ mansion is valued at around $54 million and includes a four-hole golf course, outdoor areas for tennis and basketball, a swimming pool, a gym, a games room, an oxygen therapy room, and a private cinema. There is a 6,400-square-foot multipurpose area plus a living area spanning 3,300 square feet.

What It Means for High-Net-Worth Individuals

Between the beauty of the beach and the lack of personal income tax for Florida residents, Jupiter Island has become a welcome tax haven for professional golfers. Other high-net-worth individuals also take advantage of the area’s beauty and low taxes, showing that not all tax havens are abroad.



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