Millions Recovered in Tax Evasion Probe

According to Dutch officials, a British national and her Dutch husband were recently arrested following a tax evasion probe, with millions of euros recovered in the process.

When the pair took out roughly 300,000 euros in cash from Dutch banks using credit cards linked to foreign accounts, it aroused the suspicion of Dutch authorities, prompting an investigation. The couple reportedly used their UK-based marketing company to commit tax fraud via concealed offshore accounts.

A British woman, 46, was arrested after a joint investigation with the British Revenue and Customs Service into her and her 51-year-old Dutch husband. Assets of more than 6 million euros ($6.3 million) have been confiscated,” the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) said in a statement. “The couple allegedly used their marketing business in Manchester to commit tax fraud and launder money via offshore accounts in the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria.”

In addition to seizing millions of euros in cash, authorities also reportedly confiscated two villas the couples owned in the Netherlands, along with several luxury cars and a speedboat. The authorities also reportedly raided the couple’s homes and businesses in Austria, the UK, and the Netherlands.

It is widely believed that the arrest is part of a multinational probe into the illicit use of Credit Suisse bank accounts for tax evasion purposes, given that it came just weeks after the launch of the investigation. The FIOD didn’t draw an explicit link between the ongoing tax evasion probe involving Swiss bank accounts and this recent arrest. However, it did say that it had received information regarding close to 4,000 Dutch citizens holding bank accounts at a Swiss bank.

The probe into Swiss bank accounts involves four European countries and Australia and allegedly encompasses some 55,000 undeclared “black accounts” or suspect accounts believed to be used for illicit activities, like tax evasion and money laundering. Credit Suisse has maintained that it has a strict zero-tolerance policy for all illicit activities, including tax evasion. The bank is reportedly cooperating with the authorities.

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