Trusts in practice

With the involvement of the experts of Crystal Worldwide, Penta Unió will hold a professional day about fiduciary trustees on 14 October 2014. The conference entitled ‘Trusts in practice’ is a practice-oriented training for accounting and taxation experts, in which participants learned about the legal, taxation and administrative environment of trustees.

Further information is available on in addition the program will be the following:

Trust in the new Civil Code

  • Historical antecedents of trusts internationally and in Hungary
  • Subjects, object and content of the legal relationship
  • The bill that complements the Civil Code
  • International examples, case studies
  • Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP Hungary)

Presenter: Dr. Gábor B. Szabó, lawyer, Ecovis

Trusts and taxation

  • International taxation outlook
  • Taxation of property transfer
  • Proceeds during the utilisation of the transferred property
  • Payment to the beneficiary
  • Case study
  • Applicability of tax allowances

Presenter: Dr. Ákos Menyhei, lawyer, Hajdú & Menyhei Law Office

Trusts from a business perspective:

  • Trusts in the economy
  • Who is trusts recommended for?
  • Tax and property planning possibilities
  • International examples and techniques

Presenter: Dr. Csaba Magyar, Legal Director, Crystal Worldwide

Regulatory issues of trustees

  • Licensing, supervisory authority
  • Personal and material conditions
  • Official records

Presenter: Dr. Csaba Magyar, Legal Director, Crystal Worldwide

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