Crystal Worldwide Group participated as an exhibitor at the BUSINESS EXPO on 1-3 October 2013 in the financial and legal services zone

BUSINESS EXPO is the first trade fair in Hungary specifically organised for small and medium-sized companies at the Hungexpo site. Its goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of attending businesses. Many people use the Internet, rely on their previous experience or existing contacts when they try to find solutions to business-related problems. However, the results are not always as good as what could have been achieved with an extensive contact network, proper information and know-how.
BUSINESS EXPO has been established to simplify the life and everyday activities of entrepreneurs. There is hardly any company which, during its life, would never need to turn to service providers offering business solutions. Attending the BUSINESS EXPO is beneficial to all companies operating and with an interest in the region. BUSINESS EXPO focuses on two subjects which, due to their nature, can be better covered in a trade fair than by any other means of communication:

Personal business meetings – the face of trust:
Nothing can replace personal meetings – especially when meeting new partners – even though this is frequently less possible in our busy world. BUSINESS EXPO provides a unique opportunity for just this with its subject-oriented, scheduled discussions.

Education – meeting the experts:
Trust is a key factor in selling services, which cannot be established without reliable proof of the expertise of the service provider. As long-term effectiveness cannot exist without efficiency, so effective problem-solving cannot exist without the right partners.

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