A lot of corporate service providers and administrators have set up cheap on-line services but after a few months, they simply disappear and the client is unable to contact them.
If you are in such a predicament, Crystal Group can assist you by changing your administrator and solve your problem in the following ways.

You can save your time by giving to Crystal Group the authorization to handle the case by being your company’s new corporate service provider. First of all, we will try to contact your former administrator and arrange the transfer of files. If we cannot reach the administrator, we will contact the local Companies’ Registrar to announce ourselves as the new service provider and we will check on the status of the company. If some government fees are still pending, the fees have to be settled first.
New corporate documents can be issued with the assistance of Crystal Group based on your and the Companies’ Registrar’s records and also official documents can be requested from the Companies’ Registrar. It must be highlighted that the whole procedure is treated with high confidentiality
It can be an alternative and easy solution to set up a new company if the company have not had reputation and assets.
Crystal Group has twenty years of experience in the field of registering and operating companies. We can therefore assure you that the above mentioned situation will not happen again if you choose Crystal as your corporate service provider.

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