BHP Billiton Accused of Tax Evasion
Former Australian Labor Treasurer Wayne Sway has alleged that mining giant BHP Billiton has been evading taxes for years.
Credit Suisse Caught in Major Global Tax Evasion Investigation
Credit Suisse, Switzerland’s second largest bank, has recently found itself right in the middle of a major international tax evasion case.
Cristiano Ronaldo Accused of Tax Evasion
After years of speculation and allegations of tax evasion, several media European outlets have reported that there is now concrete evidence that Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo participated in a tax evasion scheme to hide roughly €150 million from the government and thereby fraudulently reduce his tax obligations.
Israelis Arrested over Tax Evasion
The Israeli Tax Authority is pursuing the arrests of Israeli citizens who have registered companies in tax shelter jurisdictions and overseas bank accounts on suspicion of tax evasion. Information on these Israeli citizens and their holdings has been obtained from a variety of sources, namely the Panama Papers and a leaked list of customers at UBS Switzerland
Mastermind in $2.2 Billion Tax Evasion Scam Nabbed
Philip Jepson Egglishaw, the mastermind of an elaborate tax evasion scam, was arrested in Italy early last month on charges related to fraud and money laundering.
Millions Recovered in Tax Evasion Probe
According to Dutch officials, a British national and her Dutch husband were recently arrested following a tax evasion probe, with millions of euros recovered in the process.
SFCT to Investigate Offshore Tax Evasion
The Australian government announced late last month that is has identified over 340 people that have unnamed Swiss bank accounts and allegedly have business relationships with Swiss banking officials known to have actively endorsed and enabled tax evasion and avoidance structures.
UAE Joins Tax Evasion Fight
The United Arab Emirates has officially signed up to fight offshore tax evasion and avoidance, becoming the 109th country to formally sign the Operation for Economic Cooperation and Development multilateral convention on mutual administrative assistance in tax matters.
The UK’s New Tax Evasion Penalties are Coming into Force
Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the British government department responsible for collecting taxes, has an increasing focus on offshore tax evasion in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal.