Bank Fined for Panama Papers Link
Taiwan’s Mega International Commercial Bank has been slapped with a $180 million fine by the New York State financial regulator for a range of anti-money laundering failures.
Canada’s Revenue Agency Says Canadians Implicated in Panama Papers Shouldn't Expect a Tax Deal
Canadians who have been somehow implicated in the Panama Papers leaked earlier this year shouldn’t expect leniency, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) said.
Canadians Investigated for Tax Evasion Charges Linked to Panama Papers
The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) confirmed its investigations into dozens of Canadians for possible tax evasion linked to the now infamous Panama Papers leak. The investigations, confirmed in November of last year, reportedly involve 85 Canadian citizens.
Denmark Buys Panama Paper Documents
Last month, Denmark’s government became the first national government in the world to purchase data from the Panama Papers leak.
EU Makes Inquiry into Panama Papers Scandal
The European parliament has opened a 10-month inquiry examining the Panama Papers scandal, holding its first evidence session in Brussels.
New Research Sheds Light on Use of Shell Companies by African Officials
Records leaked in the now-infamous Panama Papers scandal have revealed how corrupt entrepreneurs and government officials across Africa have actively used shell companies and bribes to hide profits made from natural resource extraction
Panama Papers Reporters Face Backlash
More than 400 journalists from more than 80 of the world’s countries have been involved in the release of the Panama Papers and the subsequent reporting of the trove of information they contain. Thanks in part to the extensive coverage the papers have received in the press, the impact of the Panama Papers has been far reaching.
What We've Learned a Year after the Panama Papers
One year ago this month, a staggering 11.5 million documents known as the Panama Papers were leaked, igniting a global debate around tax havens.