Andorra will also send the financial information of bank account holders
Andorra signed the agreement on financial transparency (based on the OECD AEoI) with the European Union. The aim of the accord is to prevent clearly the citizens of the EU member states to hide their wealth in the city-state.
Banking in the United Arab Emirates
Banks of the United Arab Emirates are becoming more and more popular among those, who are seeking tax efficient solutions. Thanks to the cooperation between local legislators and the Central Bank, UAE has now an internationally respected financial center.
Islamic banking in the United Arab Emirates
The most exotic features of the UAE's banking system are those money management techniques, which are compatible with the Islam religion's rules. Even the modern form of Islamic banking prohibits the charging of interests, and that's why more and more foreign entrepreneurs, who are not even related to the religion, are interested in this financially efficient solution
Singapore is often referred to as an offshore location as the city-state offers a unique tax and financial environment for local companies.
Offshore companies: Aspects of selection: (Part II.)
Choosing the most appropriate location to execute international commercial activities or make investments is often a difficult task requiring well-founded considerations.
The financial institutions reopened in Cyprus, however to ensure the stability of the financial sector the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) released temporary restrictive measures on banking transaction.
What is a bank secret? (Part II)
There are daily reports in the press on bank secrets being on their last legs; it is especially Swiss bank secrets that are often mentioned in this regard.
What is bank secrecy? (Part I.)
When you hear about bank secrecy, most people think right away of Hollywood films, spies or tax frauds, even though this could not be further from the truth.
Why is it worth opening an offshore bank account?
Offshore bank accounts are not just good for wealthy people