3 Common Offshore Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
It’s true that offshore accounts and businesses can present a number of advantages, helping you minimize your tax liability, better protect your assets, and enhance financial privacy.
4 Consequences of US Tax Reform
Over the course of the past several weeks, President Trump has consistently called for tax reform, and the Senate Finance Committee has scheduled hearings on both business and individual tax reform.
4 Countries that Pay Less Tax Than the US
Thanks to the new Republican tax plan, tax rates in the US are set to decrease for many this year. But how do US tax rates compare to those of other countries?
4 Panama Papers Myths Busted
The release of the Panama Papers last April certainly ignited a firestorm of controversy and made for some sensational headlines. However, chances are that not everything you’ve heard about this now-infamous leak is true.
4 Ways Big Companies Avoid Taxes
On paper, the US has what is often said to be the highest corporate income tax rates in the developed world. At 35 percent, the US’s corporate income tax is the highest rate compared to all of the OECD industrialized nations.
4 Ways to Reduce Tax Obligations
The term “offshore investing” refers to investment strategies that can help an investor capitalize on the benefits of investing in a jurisdiction outside of his or her country of domicile.
The 5 Countries with the Lowest Taxes
When looking at where to incorporate their businesses, owners often try to find jurisdictions that are business-friendly.
5 Expert Wealth Management Tips
When people think of “wealth management,” they often conjure up thoughts of complicated financial concepts and elaborate financial processes.
5 Things to Know about the Panama Papers
Since their release in early April, the Panama Papers have been making waves. German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reportedly obtained these confidential records from an anonymous source and then shared them with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.
5 Tips for International Tax Planning
As an individual working overseas or settling in a location for favorable taxation, international tax planning can be quite a hassle. The rules and regulations are often complex, and understanding what you need to do to comply with all necessary domestic and international requirements can seem daunting.
A Reminder of the 8 Countries the EU Removed from Its Tax Haven Blacklist Early This Year
Most high-net-worth individuals who take advantage of offshore accounts to pay lower taxes are aware that the EU created a blacklist of tax havens about a year and a half ago.
Advantages of company formation in Singapore
Singapore is becoming a less exotic and remote business centre for European businessmen.
Advantages of registering a company in Malta
Malta has amongst the lowest tax rates in the EU so it is not surprising that you can found a company in Malta in compliance with community laws which offers a number of advantages that can be compared to those of offshore companies.
Airbnb Faces EU Clampdown for Tax Avoidance
European Union Finance Ministers are reportedly in talks around ensuring home-sharing platforms – including Airbnb – pay their fair share of taxes.
Are Americans Abroad Ditching Their Citizenship because of Tax Burdens?
Each and every year, millions of Americans living abroad have to file their tax returns and pay what they owe to Uncle Sam. Believe it or not, the US is one of just two countries in the world to tax citizens living abroad.
Amsterdam to Increase Tourist Tax
The city of Amsterdam is reportedly planning to institute a tourist tax to curb the influx of visitors into the city. Tourism has increased dramatically in Amsterdam in recent years, sparking protest from locals. T
An Isle of Man Firm Faces Tax Controversy Along with Arron Banks
The Isle of Man is known as one of the locations that offshore companies flock to in order to reduce the taxes they pay.
Andorra will also send the financial information of bank account holders
Andorra signed the agreement on financial transparency (based on the OECD AEoI) with the European Union. The aim of the accord is to prevent clearly the citizens of the EU member states to hide their wealth in the city-state.
Apple Insists Brussels Breached Its Fundamental Rights in Tax Case
In August 2016, the European Commission ruled that Ireland must recover up to €13 billion from Apple after it was discovered that the company was able to successfully avoid paying taxes to the country on virtually any profits.
Apple Named the Biggest Corporate Tax Avoider in the US
Apple officially has been dubbed the biggest corporate tax avoider in the U.S. after sending a staggering £171.6 billion (roughly $210 billion) of last year’s profits overseas.