International Tax Planning

What does international taxation mean?

International tax planning is the science of opportunities as in the course of the process we strive for the entire utilization of legislative options in the interest of maximizing business profits for both private individuals and companies. The quality of international tax planning is one of the most important competition criteria, as this factor itself may be the cause of the success or failure of an enterprise. Large multinational companies of the world utilize all potentials of international tax planning to reduce their tax costs to the lowest possible amount. Our objective is that tax planning techniques shall not only remain the means of large companies possessing global force, but all other players of the business community also be active beneficiaries of such opportunities, and thus they can keep their competitiveness in the globalizing world economy.

We work exclusively with the most modern tax planning models, which enable our customers to meet the challenges of the 21st century. In addition to optimizing the result connected to the international sale of products, we also have outstanding experience in the field of international investments:

  • Our solutions offer effective help from classic trade through on-line business platforms.
  • Our specialists elaborated a number of legal tax planning structures in respect of incomes and royalties belonging to intellectual products (authors’ works, patents, software, trademarks, etc.).
  • The foreseeable planning of trans-border dividend, exchange gain and interest type incomes also constitute an integral part of the international tax planning service.

In addition, we provide up-to-date information on the convention of the avoidance of double taxation to our customers, as numerous enterprises forget the relevant opportunities when they enter the international market.

It is one of the fundamental factors of international tax planning that our enterprise is founded at the most appropriate place. The most frequent tax planning places can be found in the link below. At the same time it is important to emphasize that attention must be paid to business objectives and the activities intended to be pursued in the course of selecting the place of company foundation, as the co-ordination of the above criteria can result in an individualized and effective solution.

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