About us

Crystal Worldwide Group is an international business consulting firm which is specialized in tax planning and asset protection. During our more than twenty-five years in operation, we have managed to earn the respect and trust of our clients by offering professionally sound and lawful solutions for tax savings and asset protection, together with fast and timely services provided at the highest level of discretion.



It is of utmost importance for the security of our clients to ensure that the solutions applied in tax planning are in line and comply with both international and domestic legal requirements.

We handle our business partners’ affairs with the utmost discretion. In order to ensure a high level of data protection, we place special emphasis on IT support for data security. Our partners can choose to use closed, private telecommunications channels through which they can securely manage their international business affairs both verbally and in writing.

We continuously monitor and regularly provide information on any changes in the economic and legal environment of the company registration jurisdictions, banking options and the current trends in international tax planning.



We believe that knowledge and expertise are indispensable for success. In order to provide our clients with the well-founded information which is needed to make the right decisions, our experienced colleagues give detailed advice on the tax planning opportunities to be considered during free consultation sessions.

Our colleagues have gained taxation, financial and legal experience in management positions at renowned international accounting, auditing and tax consulting firms, financial businesses, law firms and tax offices.

They have contributed to numerous international specialised publications on taxation and tax planning as co-authors and often publish papers in the same field in business periodicals. In addition, they also teach courses and give lectures on a regular basis in international training programmes on taxation.

The staff members serving clients at our offices speak Hungarian, English, Russian, Greek, German, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Armenian and Arabic.




Crystal Worldwide Group operates offices in Liechtenstein, Malta, Cyprus, Hungary, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the Seychelles and Anguilla..Our extensive network of branch offices and our close and long-standing relationship with international law firms, consulting companies and financial institutions enable us to provide the fastest services to our clients at competitive prices all over the world. One of the most important elements of the cooperation with the foreign offices is that we pay special attention to any problems arising from time lag during the organisation of work, so we can manage our customers’ matters at the same speed even in remote jurisdictions.

For most of the company registration jurisdictions, we ensure that managers can provide their authentic electronic signature to sign company documents, contracts and statements. Consequently, the administration time can be reduced significantly since there is no need to send the documents by mail.